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  • Welcome to DesignDentistry

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Dr Ian Maratos, BDSc (Melb), LVI Fellow (USA).
Dental Surgeon


To All Our Really Valued Patients,


These are such daunting and unsettling times for us all in Australia and around the world, and so we thought we should write and let you know of our plans, and how we are doing our bit to combat the spread of this insidious virus.

Whether you are a new patient, or like many of you, have trusted us to care for you for three decades or more, you know that we take your welfare as paramount.

We are practicing the very highest standards of Infection Control at our practice, Kate, (our terrific and dedicated nurse who has been with us for 10 years) and I, are mindful of your peace of mind, and most importantly, your safety. I want to assure you we are diligent in sterilisation procedures, follow the Australian Dental Association guidelines on COVID 19 and stringently update our knowledge and monitor the unfolding situation as guided by the Australian Government Health Department.

Our General Manager, Jacqueline, my wife, has a background in International Humanitarian Response, working as a Global Director for a major aid agency and advising governments internationally; and is World Health Organisation trained in quarantine and emergency response, as that was her job. She has also just finished off in a very senior role with the Australian Defence Force and recently ran Operation Angel’s Humanitarian Response for the Bushfires. Therefore, we have an expertin house’, as well as my clinical training as a Dental Surgeon / Dentist, which is deemed an essential service.

With that in mind, we will continue seeing patients who need non-invasive treatments as follows:

  • Emergency Cases – along with Pain Management and Relief – just call ahead.
  • Pain and TMD patients,
  • Snoring and Sleep Apnoea
  • Sleep appliance adjustments
  • Dentures
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Invisalign – (clear aligner alternative to Braces) & and scanning with our state of the art iTero.

As well, I thought we should remind you that we are updating our look, the logo, and creating a new name for our practice for the 2020’s.

DesignDentistry is being rebranded with the new name:

The Snore Fix Doctor & Family Dentistry.

All the treatments and services will be the same, I am still going to be your Dentist even though we will have a new name, and I will stick with you during this crisis and when we restart our normal lives.

I hope you will continue to allow me to care for you and your families as I have always done, you’ve genuinely become dear friends, much more than patients, and I will be here when you need me. I really love helping you all, treating you, and hearing about your lives and loved ones, and I feel privileged by the trust you always put in me to give you the best possible dental care.

To help you, we will be offering and adapting during these strange times of home isolation as follows:

  • Video Consultations with me will be free of charge. Simply ring our office number and set up a time for a chat. We are looking at ways of doing this, either via mobile phone cameras or Facetime and those sessions will be private and one on one.
  • If you have general oral hygiene questions for me, or other questions about dental & jaw pain related issues, we will handle those via short video posts on our new Facebook page (The Snore Fix Doctor). I will also discuss TMD, Snoring and Sleep Apnoea solutions and conditions.   Email your questions to:
  • If it is ok with you, we may send you a little request for your opinions on our practice – answers can be anonymous if you like, but we want to hear from you very much please.
  • Have a look at our new website: for other information as well, and take a look at our new colours and pictures… is still us and not a new dentist!!!

Mainly though, we want you all to stay well and healthy. We will all get through this if we remember we are a community who support each other, we are hear to listen to you as we always do.

Best wishes,

Dr Ian Maratos,  Kate and Jacq

Bentleigh East Dentist

Experienced Dentist Bentleigh East

DesignDentistry Offers General, Cosmetic and Neuromuscular Dentistry

Dr Maratos has over 30 years of professional experience in cosmetic, general and restorative dentistry. Dr Maratos and his team are passionate about all facets of dentistry and will care for you every step of the way.

Being self-conscious about your smile can have a significant impact on your personal and professional life. We are committed to helping patients improve their lives by providing the very best dental treatments and services.

Through our range of dental treatments we can help you transform your quality of life through aesthetic satisfaction which can help you feel more confident.

Services at DesignDentistry

A Healthy Smile is a Healthy Body

We offer a full range of general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry services to keep your mouth healthy and looking spectacular. We even look after those dreaded dental emergencies, so you can maintain peace of mind at all times.

We emphasise a ‘whole-of-life, whole-of-body’, integrated approach to dentistry. Neuromuscular dentistry explores the connections between dental health and total body well-being, and the relationship of your musculoskeletal system and the way your teeth and bite fit together.

We take a keen interest in children’s dentistry, to ensure that good dental habits start early. We can also diagnose and treat patients who suffer from persistent headaches and snoring and sleep related conditions such as obstructive sleep apnoea in Melbourne.

Bentleigh East Dental Services

The DesignDentistry Commitment to Excellence

Dentist Bentleigh EastLed by Dr Ian Maratos, our dedicated and talented team of dental professionals ensures that your experience is memorable and enjoyable. We love to see how our treatments can lead to positive changes in self-confidence and self-esteem for our patients. DesignDentistry is interested in discovering ways that we can optimise your overall health, in partnership with you and your other health professionals in all disciplines.

DesignDentistry is a contemporary dental practice, focused on the art and science of enhancing your smile. We care for your teeth, cosmetically and functionally, and we are dedicated to helping you recapture the smile you once had, or the smile you have always desired. We provide the most current information to educate you about everything that is possible in dentistry today.

Contact our dental clinic today on (03) 9570 3128 to schedule your appointment with Dr Maratos, Dentist Bentleigh East, and our experienced team of professionals.

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