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4 Tips for Keeping Your Children's Teeth Healthy

Children's Dentist Bentleigh EastDid you know that until age seven a child should be monitored when brushing his or her teeth? As adult teeth come in, ensuring proper oral hygiene can help pave the way for a healthy mouth.

Your children’s teeth are important to us, which is why we at DesignDentistry have compiled four helpful tips for maintaining a healthy mouth at a young age.

1. Shop solo at the supermarket

Without your children in tow, you won’t be bothered or tempted to purchase sweet treats. Instead, opt for savoury items like rice crackers, chopped vegetables and dip, and sliced meats.

2. Limit sweets to once each week

It’s more important to monitor how many times a child indulges in sweet treats versus the amount consumed. Limiting sticky or acidic snack consumption to one day each week helps reduce your child’s risk of developing cavities, plaque buildup and excess bacteria.

3. Sip fizzy drinks with a straw

If sugary drinks are to be consumed, provide a straw for your child to sip with. Drinking beverages with a straw allows the liquid to bypass the surface of the teeth, meaning less damage done by the sugar and acid in the drink.

4. Brush immediately after consuming sweets

After your child enjoys a sweet treat, remind them to brush their teeth immediately.
If you’re away from home and without a toothbrush, consider carrying a pack of sugar free gum. Chewing sugar free gum for a few minutes is a handy alternative as it stimulates saliva and helps rinse the child’s mouth.

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We hope you’ve found our tips helpful! If it’s been a while since we’ve seen you or your family in our office, contact Dr Ian Maratos your Bentleigh East dentist on (03) 9570 3128. We look forward to seeing you.

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