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Children's Dentistry

Quality Children’s Dental Care in Bentleigh East

Starting Dental Care From an Early Age is Crucial

sidebar-latest-technologyPeople who tend to have poor oral health, poor dental hygiene or significant structural issues with their teeth, do so because of the dental care (or lack thereof) they received when they were children. By starting your child’s lifetime of dental health as early as possible, you can ensure that good habits start early.

Children’s dentistry is a completely safe technique and will help your child to achieve and maintain oral health. As a parent you play an active role in your child’s oral wellbeing. DesignDentistry recommends working with your child to establish healthy eating habits and good oral hygiene techniques from an early age.

A Balanced Diet

Ensuring your child consumes foods from all sections of the healthy food pyramid can prevent decay and help to strengthen and protect their teeth. Parents are role models for their children’s dietary and oral hygiene habits, by setting a good example from the beginning you can help create a healthy routine for your child’s future.

Encouraging Good Habits

Supervising your children while they brush their teeth is another beneficial technique in establishing good oral hygiene. It has been shown that up until the age of 8 years children are not dextrous enough to adequately clean their teeth. Being with your child during this important time, will ensure all of those ‘tricky’ spots are reached whilst showing your support for this vital process.

Speak with Dr Maratos or any of the team at your next visit regarding the correct brushing and flossing techniques for your child.

Your Child’s First Visit

At DesignDentistry we believe that parents should not wait until their child experiences toothache to visit us. A child’s first dental examination should begin just after their first birthday or the eruption of their first tooth. By visiting us from an early age, it can help to eliminate the fear of the dentist. Our happy, friendly staff will make your children feel right at home. We can even make dental appointments fun.

Early intervention orthodontics, with non-invasive monitoring of your child’s tooth development, can assist with the correct alignment and composition of the teeth. Applying orthodontic principles and methods at an early stage can allow for the diagnosis of development abnormalities, so that preventive measures can be taken and the issue made potentially less complex in the long term.


Situated in Bentleigh East, DesignDentistry is at the forefront of general dentistry services. We will work with you to achieve the results you desire. DesignDentistry looks forward to caring for you soon. Contact us on (03) 9570 3128.

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