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Experience the World's Best Whitening System

friends smilingIf you’ve looked in the mirror and thought that your smile seemed less bright than it used to, the team at DesignDentistry can help you. It’s normal that teeth discolour over time due to the intake of coffee, wine, berries and other staining foods and drinks, certain medications or tobacco use.

By whitening your teeth, you’ll feel your self-confidence return when you show off a dazzling, rejuvenated look. Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry services available today due to its ease and accessibility.

In-Chair? Take-Home? It’s Your Choice!

We provide whitening that’s completed during a 90-minute appointment at our practice, or you can receive a take-home kit and see your results evolve over 1-2 weeks. No matter what you choose, our Kör whitening system is the best available on the market. It is the only recognised solution that can whiten teeth that are stained by tetracycline, thought to be impossible before Kör was developed.

If you choose in-chair, our team will apply the unique Kör formula and supervise your procedure while your teeth are whitened. You may find it more convenient to complete the whitening in the comfort of your home. If so, we’ll provide you with all the materials and advice necessary to regain the brighter smile you’ve been hoping for. The home results are sometimes better long-term and are also more economical, however we offer both options for your convenience to suit your lifestyle.

Why Choose Kör?

Unlike any other whitening method, Kör allows the pigments and stain molecules in the teeth to be fully flooded by the bleaching factors, breaking down the discolouration into small, colourless particles that are then rinsed away. Its power comes from the refrigeration process that ensures no degradation occurs to the materials in the gel, giving 100% effectiveness to the whitening substances.

Show off a radiant, natural-looking smile with Kör whitening. Contact us today to book your visit!

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