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Important Oral Cancer Screening in Bentleigh East

sidebar-ask-dr-maratosEvery day, three Australians are diagnosed with oral cancer. With only half of all oral cancer patients surviving more than five years with the condition, it is of critical importance that preventive steps are taken in the incidence of oral cancer.

Through regular comprehensive exams with DesignDentistry, we can help to keep your mouth in optimum oral health, and a part of that process is to routinely check for the early signs of oral cancer.

Early Signs of Oral Cancer

You may have a very small, but dangerous, oral spot or sore and not be aware of it, but if detected in its early stages, or prior to becoming cancerous, the mortality rate of the disease can be greatly reduced, and as such, it is advisable that we are able to assess your condition on a frequent basis.

During screening, we will check the entire mouth for spots or sores. These can often prove insignificant in nature, but if deemed necessary, we will conduct further tests to the area to completely rule out any incidence of cancerous cells.

Three Causes of Oral Cancer

Oral cancer can affect anyone. While certain lifestyle choices (i.e. excessive consumption of alcohol and smoking) can contribute to the development of cancer, there are other causes of oral cancer. The three causes are:

1. Tobacco and alcohol

Consistent use of tobacco is the leading cause of oral cancer. However heavy alcohol use (more than 4 standard drinks at a time) also increases your risk of developing cancer. If you smoke and drink heavily your risk of developing cancer is 15 times greater than others.

2. STV

Recent research indicates that the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is a cause of oral cancer. This particular virus is transmitted sexually and displays no outward symptoms so individuals don’t know if they have got it.

3. Sun exposure

Long periods in the sun without the proper protection can increase your risk of skin cancer. However, thanks to increased public awareness about the damaging effects of too much time in the sun this form of oral cancer is slowly declining.

You Can Take Preventive Measures

There are a number of preventive measures that can be taken to minimise the occurrence of oral cancer including:

  • Stop smoking
  • Keep alcohol consumption to a minimum
  • Visit DesignDentistry for a comprehensive exam
  • Be aware of any abnormal spots or growths within your mouth, and if they occur, visit your dentist for a review
  • Studies indicate that a diet high in fruit and vegetables, can aid prevention of potentially cancerous cells


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